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You can find additional patches on Github https://github.com/kuperman/Mutt-Trash-Purge-patch


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Address Book

I've got a number of contacts that have multiple email addresses. To change the default email used for the individual you need to go into AddressBook and then select:

Edit -> Edit Distribution List

which will allow you to change the default address used on a per-group basis.


Find new tools at http://www.quicklookplugins.com/ and restart via

qlmanage -r
from the command line.

Privoxy + Polipo

I've been using Privoxy for many years (even in its prior incarnation as the Internet JunkBuster). Recently, I've started using it with Polipo A caching HTTP proxy which has given tremendous performance improvements.

    Safari -> Privoxy -> Polipo

Only change I needed to make was in the privoxy config to add " forward / localhost:8123 " to chain them together.

Update Jan 2009: Polipo was working great for a long time, but now I've removed it from the chain once upgrading to Safari 4 beta and Privoxy 3.0.11 which now has HTTP/1.1 support.

Enabling the use of TOR as well is pretty straightforward. See these instructions on using TOR with polipo.

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