jEdit help

jEdit is described as a "Programmer's Editor". I will often use it as a demonstration editor as it supports syntax highlighting and is available on multiple platforms. It also has numerous plugins that are useful for a variety of classes.

You can get the software and much more information from the official website:

Note: that little blue line that you see in the editing window? That's the 80 column mark. Try not to have your code go past that, OK?

Installing plugins

The following sequence of actions will allow you to install a plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins from the pull down menus
  2. Select Plugin Manager...
  3. Click on the Install tab
  4. Check the box next to the plugin you want to install
  5. Click on the Install button
  6. jEdit may require you to restart

I've listed some of the useful plugins below.

Remote editing

You can edit files remotely in jEdit by using the FTP plugin.

Once it is installed you can remotely edit your files by:

  1. Indicating you want to Open a file
  2. Selecting Plugins pulldown menu at the top of the dialog box
  3. Selecting Connect to secure FTP server
  4. Putting in as the machine and your CS username/passwords in the appropriate boxes

Buffer management

You'll have noticed that jEdit keeps track of your open files in a pull-down menu at the top of your editing window. I find that it is easier to use the BufferTabs plugin to manage my files. This will list the files as Tabs at the bottom of your window similar to the way many web browsers do.

Web Editing Plugins

I'll expand this out later. For now, here are some that I think are useful.

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